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Propecia side effects can reportedly include erectile dysfunction, impotence, loss of libido, prostate cancer and male breast cancer.Currently there are at least 150 class action law suits against Merck for long-term side effects after stop of taking the drug.

Most recent update on the Propecia personal injury lawsuits that now include over 1,000 men who claim that this medication has caused sexual dysfunction.Contact a Propecia lawyer at The Schmidt Firm, PLLC for a Propecia lawsuit if you have suffered a severe sexual side effect caused by this baldness drug.

Lawsuits Allege Men Suffer Permanent Propecia Side Effects

If you are a man who has suffered a serious side effect as the result of taking Propecia, you may be considering filing a Propecia lawsuit.After suffering from cognitive impairment, depression and sexual dysfunction after taking Propecia, a Utah man has filed a lawsuit against Propecia drug maker Merck.Propecia lawsuits over erectile dysfunction, sexual problems are consolidated in an MDL, which differs from a Propecia class action lawsuit.Many men are wondering if there is a Propecia class action lawsuit against Merck.

Tomorrow, a panel of federal judges will hear arguments for allowing a Propecia class action lawsuit.A lawsuit has filed suit against Merck Co. Inc., in Federal District Court in New Jersey (U.S.A). The lawsuit was filed on behalf of undisclosed plaintiffs.To learn more about Propecia or to receive a Free Confidential Case Review, please visit our website at:.

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It is a synthetic anti androgen made by Merck used for the treatment of male pattern hair loss.

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Pharmaceutical giant Merck faces numerous Propecia lawsuit actions, in which plaintiffs allege they were unaware of Propecia sexual side effects risks.Multiple medical studies on finasteride side effects including lasting sexual dysfunction have bolstered allegations raised by men filing Propecia lawsuits.Merck changed warnings on Propecia and another finasteride drug,.


Find out whether you might be entitled to compensation due to inadequate.Propecia Lawsuits - Pharmaceutical giant Merck has been rocked by a wave of lawsuits, including a class action, stemming from its blockbuster hair loss drug finasteride.

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It contains the chemical finasteride, and it was introduced in 1997 to treat male pattern baldness.Please use the form below to contact us for a free Propecia lawsuit review or you.<